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A tailor-made e-learning
with your contents

Production of e-learning training with your content?

Would you like to train on your own course content by e-learning? High acceptance and effective knowledge transfer to the learner are the keys to success. That’s why we develop your e-learning course from the learner’s point of view. We design the didactic concept and the mix of media and interaction to meet your learning targets.

Whether you need to produce an e-learning from scratch/de novo/or to migrate existing content to a new format the elements of the MdA e-learning toolkit will make a course that meets your training needs.

Choose from the following elements for your training

  • Classical Web Based (WBT) training (in Flash or HTML5)
  • Index card system / drill and practice
  • Micro learning
  • Explanatory video / video / audio
  • Video recording of a classroom training
  • Simulation
  • Webcast
  • Blended learning

MdA also provides

  • Jingle development
  • SCORM interface for the e-learnings
  • Model and speaker
  • Video production (onsite and studio)
  • Translation services to over 50 languages
  • Project / campaign management for your training plan /objective

From the initial idea to the fully functioning course

No matter how advanced you are with your e-learning topic, we can accompany you at each step to develop an effective e-learning course, training delivery and documentation of staff training. As an example, we take:

  • Your topic
  • Prepare the storyboard
  • Produce the e-learning course
  • Deliver the course
  • Provide training certification for learners/staff
  • With full additional services including consulting, project management, and promotion